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Alchemy of Play Small Canvas

Alchemy of Play Small Canvas

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Plant dyed silk charmeuse stretch over a 8x10 canvas. 

Drawing inspiration from ever-changing landscapes, botanical realms and seasonal cycles. I invite you on a creative journey that captures the essence of fleeting moments. Each piece is a testament to the hues and organic shapes that surround us, given new life through the transformative power of plant dyes. I’ve introduced the subtle interplay of hand-painted pH modifiers to create fluid and unpredictable reactions within the fabric, shaping the final outcome in a way that mirrors the dynamic nature of the environments that inspire me. It's a playful dance of chemistry and creativity, where each stroke contributes to the unique story each piece tells.


Art, is not merely an object to behold but practical magic that enhances the spaces we inhabit. I invite you to consider these textile creations not just as artworks but as vessels of enchantment, infusing a space with the wonder and vibrancy of the natural world and the dynamic craft of natural dyes.

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